Room: Canadian Gothic submissions


Room is a Canadian literary journal by women and about women. They are currently taking submissions for their latest issue: Canadian Gothic. Their submissions deadline is January 31st. Click here to read the submission guidelines for this issue.

I have been in contact with Room and while they have only accepted short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, or art in the past, they are now accepting comics as part of the submissions. They are not limiting the number of pages for the comics, but the maximum word count is 3500 words (if there are words). I don’t know what their requirements for page sizes are, so I recommend you contact them to find out more details.

The Una the Blade Kickstarter made more than four times its target goal!

Una the Blade

The Una the Blade Kickstarter is over, and it earned $11,107. That’s more than four times its target goal! Now Cloudscape’s second single-author graphic novel is going to print having not only paid for its printing but also all the artists involved with a nice chunk left over. Thank you so much for all your support, and we can’t wait to send you the book. Also, keep your eyes peeled on this blog over the next few weeks as Cloudscape has a lot of exciting new stuff planned for 2016!

New Website!

Hey everyone! You may have noticed the downed website over the last couple of weeks, and this brand new, shiny one that replaced it! It still has some bugs which we are working hard to fix. Thank-you all for your patience thus far!

Friendly reminder – if you are a Cloudscape Member or a Contributor to one of our anthologies, and you haven’t sent in your Artist Bio or Comic Info, you can review the requirements here. Please send your information to your friendly webmaster, me!

The TradeWaiters 9: “Essex County” by Jeff Lemire

On episode 9, Jon, Jeff, Angela, and Kathleen read Essex County by Jeff Lemire, another giant of Canadian independent comics. Tune in to find out what we think about hockey, history, and small-town Ontario. We’ve also got Christmas gift recommendations (all comics, of course), and more.

Music by Sleuth.

Episode 10 will cover Finder: Voice by Carla Speed McNeil.

The TradeWaiters 8: “Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White” by Taiyo Matsumoto


In Episode Eight, the Tradewaiters discuss Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White by Taiyo Matsumoto. Jon, Jeff, Angela, and Kathleen have a lot of opinions on how best to adapt manga to an English-speaking audience, Kathleen has some positive words for past-Kathleen, and Angela has some strong opinions on “historical neon.”

Music by Sleuth.

Our next episode will be on Essex County by Jeff Lemire.

Revised Artist Bios Needed for New Cloudscape Website

Attention, all Cloudscape members! The website is going to be dramatically revised and part of that will be new profiles for our artists and their webcomics. If you are a Cloudscape member (having been to at least three of our meetings and/or been featured in at least one of our anthologies), then submit your revised bio and webcomic info to our webmaster Jade McGilvray at [email protected] The info should follow the guidelines below:

Artist Bio

  1. Image height 300px, width 150px, 72dpi
  2. Name of artist
  3. Main website or contact link
  4. Up to 3 social media/other related links
  5. Status (can include 0-4 of these options)
    -Mentor (if you are willing to mentor aspiring artists)
    -Commissionable (if you take commissions)
    -Teacher (if you are willing to teach classes)
    -Contributor (to Cloudscape anthologies)
  6. Bio description of Artist, 600 characters MAX (including spaces)

Webcomic Info

  1. Title you want displayed
  2. Author(s) name(s) you want displayed
  3. One link to a personal webpage/contact (contact page, portfolio, email address, etc)
  4. Synopsis of the comic, 150 characters MAX (including spaces)
  5. Website URL of your comic (preferably the homepage or first page of their comic)
  6. An image that represents the comic that is exactly 200 x 200px, 72dpi
  7. Status (1 of the following):
    -On Hiatus