Through The Labyrinths of the Mind, Comics Anthology

A graphic novel anthology that explores mental health through 11 stories of struggle, insight, and triumph.

Labyrinths is currently in post-production.

Each of Labyrinths’ stories explores mental health in a unique and personal way. Many are memoirs in which the cartoonists candidly describe their own struggles, while others take inspiration from their creators’ experiences to tell fictional stories in numerous genres, ranging from realistic slice-of-life dramas to tales of magic and fantasy. The stories present mental health issues through a wide variety of symbolism – OCD as a host of whispering gremlins, depression as a suffocating black mass, anxiety a mask to hide your true self. In all cases, the chosen genre and symbolism are the ones that best capture the particular cartoonist’s psychological truth, sharing with the reader their own internal journey.

News and Interviews

Bevan Thomas walks us through his process for writing his story for Through the Labyrinths of the Mind, featuring art from Devin Rosychuk.

Selecting My Story for Through the Labyrinths of the Mind by Bevan Thomas After I put together the general plan ...
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Co-Editor and Artist from Through the Labyrinths of the Mind, Hannah Myers, walks us through her comic-making process.

Have you ever been curious about how a comic is made? How about I walk you through it! Here's some ...
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Through the Labyrinths of the Mind

The kickstarter for our latest anthology, Through the Labyrinths of the Mind, is now LIVE! Through the Labyrinths of the ...
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April 15th Kickstarter Launch

Something new is coming to kickstarter on April 15th. Cloudscape's latest anthology Through the Labyrinths of the Mind is a ...
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