My Love, in Stitches Kickstarter Wraps Up Soon!

Greetings, comic lovers! We have been eagerly tracking the My Love, in Stitches Kickstarter’s progress and are thrilled to see all the support it has garnered so far! But there’s still a ways to go before we reach our goal. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to preorder this expressive, energetic monstergirl rom com before time runs out!

Frankie is a young monster living in Fangcouver under the ever-present shadow of sinister developers. She’s trying to balance finding a new job, the world’s hairiest ex-girlfriend drama, and dealing with a scheming skeleton all while falling head over heels for a pink slime girl she’s just met. My Love, in Stitches is a quirky comedy for fans of cozy romance with a supernatural twist. And the book is only $20 CAD!

Emily Gossmann has also opened limited slots to purchase your very own custom commission as Kickstarter add-ons! If you have already peordered a copy of the book, you can add one of these add-ons to your order! Don’t forget to check out the stickers and Kickstarter-exclusive trading cards while you’re at it.

And of course, every post shared on social media and to your friends and family helps spread the word! Thank you for helping Cloudscape continue to publish works by BC artists!

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