My Love in Stitches Kickstarter is LIVE!

The My Love in Stitches graphic novel is live on Kickstarter!


My Love in Stitches is a quirky comedy for fans of cozy romance with a supernatural twist. Frankie, a Frankenstein’s monster, lives in Fangcouver under the uneasy shadow of shady developers. She often feels like her life is about to unravel— she can’t even count on getting through a softball game with all her limbs still attached!

When she meets Momo, a girl who — despite being made of squishy, pink slime — is as sharp as she is cute, Frankie wants nothing more than to get closer to her. In order to do that, Frankie needs to thread the needle around a new job, a scheming skeleton and the world’s hairiest ex-girlfriend drama. Join Frankie in a world full of monsters, magic and (hopefully!) love, as she tries her best to set the seams on an exciting new life!

Cloudscape’s kickstarter campaign for pre-orders of this graphic novel launches on February 1st and runs until March 2nd.

Get amazing rewards like ebooks, trading cards, and stickers! There’s also an early bird bookplate sticker available for the first 3 days of the campaign!

Check out the campaign HERE!