Thank you to the Mirhady Family Fund, and Vancouver Foundation

Cloudscape recently got some grant funding from the Vancouver Foundation who manage the Mirhady family fund. You can learn more about the fund here.

Below is our public thanks

We would like to sincerely thank you and the Mirhady Family Fund for the help your grant has offered us here at the Cloudscape Comics Society. Our charitable society is made up of artists and writers passionate about the marrying of illustration and word to tell the stories of our community. Cloudscapes works span the appreciation of the little, imperfect moments in life, to grand adventures. While we work to help elevate these stories from ideas to published books that can be shared, it’s easy to forget that art, and volunteer hours alone, cannot always sustain us.

Prior to this grant, in part because of the effects of the global pandemic, our organization has been run entirely by volunteers for quite some time. Volunteers who are members – artists and writers – passionate about what we do and what we provide for the BC comics community. Though we have done all right these past few years, we knew we needed to hire a professional to help keep track of the flow of funds as we create and sell books, pay our artists, and work to create an intentional and productive space for comic creators in BC.

Your grant has given us the money we need to pay for a bookkeeper. The Mirhady Family Fund is creating space for our volunteers to breathe and use their specialized skill sets as artists at Cloudscape. Letting us focus on what Cloudscape has always been about, with less stress surrounding balancing the books.  This grant has lifted a huge weight off our shoulders, and that is all thanks to you.

Sincerely the Cloudscape board of directors.