Thank you!

Hello all!
What a wild ride this campaign has been. We all took some much needed downtime last night and this morning, but we wanted to make sure to thank all you wonderful backers and supporters who helped us achieve our goal! Also, a big shout out to Pirataba and the Wandering Inn fan base for their support of our work! Below is a message from the author J Dalton:

“With help from 179 backers, the Phobos & Deimos Kickstarter has been a success! Thank you all so much! With the collapse of social media it has been tough to get the word out, but all of you who have backed the campaign, or spread the word through your socials, have helped push this book through to the finish line. I saw all of your reposts, and every last one is hugely appreciated.
I’ve seen a lot of great comments and feedback on the comic over the last few weeks, & honestly that’s been every bit as great as getting to send my book to press.

I have all the momentum I need to get to work on the second (and final) volume of Phobos and Deimos!
Thanks to the team at Cloudscape, who supported me from the beginning, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Expect more news on Phobos and Deimos very soon!