September Events for Cloudscape

The days are getting cooler and Cloudscape is gearing up for several exciting events happening this month!

Car Free Day – September 9th – Find us at Car Free Day on Commercial Drive! We will have books for sale and a station for doing Comic Jams. Stop by and say hello!

Edmonton Expo – September 15th-17th – We will be in Alberta for the Edmonton Expo! We would love to meet you!

Word Vancouver – September 16th – Cloudscape will have a table here! Come see the Labyrinths of the Mind panel hosted by Bevan! There will also be a showcase for Tower 25, to give it the attention it deserves after releasing during the lockdown.

Prairie Comics Fest – September 23rd-24th – Are you a Winnipeg local? Cloudscape is coming to Manitoba for the Prairie Comics Fest!

A reminder that the Phobos and Deimos crowdfunding campaign will be ending Sept 17th! Don’t miss your chance to make this gorgeous, traditionally illustrated graphic novel a reality!

An image depicting a teenager wearing a hijab falling through a fantastical sky.

Phobos and Deimos by Cloudscape Comics — Kickstarter