Ann by the Bed

Ann by the Bed is an original horror comic by Emily Carroll, published in Frontier #6. The story depicts the terrible tale of Ann Herron’s murder and the urban legends that sprang out of it in Ontario. Frontier #6 can be found on the Youth in Decline website here:

The comic uses a disjointed narrative style to give the reader different perspectives on the story. It takes you through the multitde of ways people try to make sense of a senseless tragedy. How might those closest react? How about those with only the barest knowledge of the urban legend? As always, Emily Carroll uses colour and tone to a wildly effective degree, making you feel uncomfortable whether the page features soft pastels or dripping black blood. 

And then the story ends, and you are left staring at a mirror with plenty to think about.

(Author’s note: Ann By the Bed was out of print a week before this post went live, but it is now back in stock on the Youth in Decline website!)

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