Vancouver Genre Writers Meet-Ups

Ever get the feeling every writing event in the city is literary focused? Participated in one too many classes and writing groups where people’s eyes glaze over if you bring up world-building and fantastical plot ideas? Want to nerd out over the specific tropes and conventions in your niche genre? Then the Vancouver Genre Writers might just be the place for you.

VGW are a group of writers in Vancouver focusing on various forms of genre writing. Though many of them are working on fantasy and science fiction, they also include writers of mystery, horror, romance, historical, and many others.

VGW holds a regular social meet-up every other Tuesday at 6:30 at 12 Kings Pub on Kingsway, as well as a monthly roundtable workshop at a quieter location to help genres writers develop their craft. Their website also includes various resources for writers. To learn more, Visit the Vancouver Genre Writers website.

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