Red Handed: The Fine Art of Strange Crimes 2

Red Handed: the Fine Art of Strange Crimes by Matt Kindt is a series of short stories, which all unite at the end, about various unusual crimes (such as serial chair theft, signage theft, etc) and the individuals behind them. Often the stories seem light, even comedic, though there is a degree of seriousness to them as well.

What I liked about Red Handed are the crimes themselves, though some of the motivations of the crimianls I found less satisfactory. The artwork, relying on what appears to be watercolour and ink, seems a tad inconsistent and lacks the sort of clarity or charm that I personally prefer. However, this style might be exactly to your liking. Between the stories there are pages with black panels and mysterious dialogue between two unknown people (we find out who they are at the end). I did not find these scenes all that interesting, and they slowed things down for me. Sadly, I also did not enjoy the climax of the book that much.

All in all, Red Handed is a curious little book, and whilst I found it somewhat lacking, perhaps you might enjoy it. Have a look at it sometime, try one of the stories perhaps, and see what you think.

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