Memories of Outer Space

Review by Matthew Nielsen

Memories of Outer Space by French creator Enki Bilal is a series of short sci-fi themed stories. Each has its own sick little twist and turn which, coupled with Bilal’s detailed and brutal artwork, creates an often skin-twistingly strange feeling when read. Bilal’s approach at drawing people and characters is bold, prominent, and often proudly ugly. In other words, he is unafraid to show people’s wrinkles, blemishes and all bodily faults — in contrast to the very smooth and clean look of, say, most anime or North American cartoony styles. Alongside such intense characters are multiple examples of beautiful backgrounds, interiors, and landscapes. It’s a great combination.

This review is short because the book itself is short too. The more I say about it, the more I risk spoiling its contents. But if you’re up for some mysterious journeys across the stars with trickery and brutality guaranteed, then this book is for you. I quite enjoyed it myself.

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