Lucille & Renee

Review by Matthew Nielsen

Lucille and Renée by Ludovic Debeurme are two books are thick with pages and heavy with story. Debeurme’s artwork evolves from initially highly stylized and somewhat crude drawings to more uniformed and detailed illustrations as the story progresses. It’s a good reminder to always give a book a couple of pages before giving up on it, as more often than not the artwork either changes and improves or you’ll find other things that make the book appealing. In addition to the artwork, I also like the story.

The first book, Lucille, focuses on a young woman struggling with various issues including anorexia. Meanwhile, a troubled young man with challenges at home tries to get by in life. The two meet and their stories become one, and events begin to unfold. Renée is the second book, and initially focuses on a new character, the self-harming Renée, but also continues with Lucille’s characters where  the first book left off.

This pair of graphic novels is a somewhat painful tale of various people who experience pain and hurt in their lives, and the various outcomes that come of them trying to shape their own destinies. If you’re interested in seeing how it turns out, and if the artwork appeals to you, then give Lucille and Renée a try.

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