Alloy Electrum: an anthology of all-ages mixed-race stories

Alloy: Electrum is a new comics anthology seeking stories of having a mixed-race heritage. As they describe it:

“What story do you have to tell about your own mixed race experience? Think of this comic anthology as a love letter to ourselves, to the next generations of mixed-race kids, young adults, and even their parents. How did you feel growing up mixed-race? What did you celebrate? Did you feel accepted by friends and family? Did you ever feel different? Do you know anyone else like you? How has being mixed-race challenged you? And how has your mixed-race experience given you strength? There’s a huge range of stories to tell, and we want to represent as many as we can.”

The anthology pays $50/page. Deadline for all pitches is October 27. For more information, visit the Alloy Anthology page.


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