“Tim’rous Beastie” now open for submissions!

Tim'rous Beastie

Iron Circus (publishers of Sleep of Reason and New World) is now officially taking submissions for Tim’rous Beastie.

“A black-and-white comic anthology about small lives in a big, big world. This is an anthology by and for those of us who grew up inspired by Redwall, The Deptford Mice, Rats of NIMH, and other tales of brave and imperiled critters defying their size and place in the natural order. We want to not only channel that inspiration into the medium of comics, but to approach familiar themes with fresh eyes. Featuring fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci-fi, Tim’rous Beastie aims to explore the potential of stories told from a scale that, while still very human, makes even the mundane aspects of human life seem gigantic.

Submissions will be open until January 1st. For more information, visit the Tim’rous Beastie tumblr.

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