Tomorrow, graphic novel book launch at Book Warehouse

2050November the 9th at 7 pm, Michael Kluckner will be launching his graphic novel 2050 at the Book Warehouse on 4118 Main Street.

In Kluckner’s own words, 2050 is “inspired by a trip to Cuba a few years ago as well as by the daily diet of climatic and humanitarian disasters. It is set in the ruins of Vancouver, 20 years after the Great Patriotic War and pandemic…. Detective Sara Fidelia is called in to investigate a rare murder – a mutilated Mort has been left at the entrance to the walled city. She sets out to find the Perp, travelling through a ruined landscape to the distant rebel town of Excursion – a journey that brings her much more than she bargained for.”

For more information, visit the 2050 website and the event’s Facebook page.

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