Mark Millar Launches 2017 Millarworld Talent Search


Mark Millar, creator of such popular comic books as Kick-Ass, The UltimatesWanted, and Kingsman, has announced a new talent search. Last year he put out a call for submissions, encouraging unpublished writers and artists to submit to the first issue of his Millarworld annual, and now he is looking for people to be included in issue two, which will be published next year.

“I’ve always been very precious about letting other people do my creations, but the industry always need new blood and last year’s entries were just beyond stellar,” said Mark Millar. “Comics have been really good to me and I want to do what I can with my limited time to help other creators get into print. The response for the Millarworld Annual 2016 search was astounding, and we published creators from as far afield as New Zealand, India, and Nigeria. We had a really diverse group of talent in there, but I’d like to get even more female and minority group creators published this time. This year we’d like to see greater representation across the board, and uncover more hidden talent from all walks of life.”

Millarworld is looking for six writers, six artists, and a cover artist for the Millarworld Annual 2017 – all will be paid full professional rates. The deadline for entries is November 30, 2016. All entrants will be judged by a selected panel and the winners will be announced on December 23, 2016.

For more information, view the 2017 Millarworld Talent Search press release, and then check out the writer & artist submission guidelines.

Good luck!

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