Creative Ink Festival for Writers, Readers, and Artists

creative ink festival

The Creative Ink Festival is a three-day festival on May 6-8, 2016, dedicated to the creation of stories and art in numerous forms. It will feature both panels and single-person presentations giving writers and artists numerous tools to develop their craft, as well as analyzing the medium from a wide variety of directions. There will also be author dramatic readings, artist displays, an expo of people selling their own work (books, art, etc), and even Blue Pencil sessions where writers can get feedback on their work from professionals. A warm and welcoming environment where you learn more about your craft, network with people in the industry, and make new connections.

We at Cloudscape Comics will be prominently featured at the Festival. We’ll have a booth selling our various anthologies and will be giving a whole series of comic-related workshops on writing and drawing comics, developing your own webcomic, budgeting your various projects, and other related subjects.

You can register for the festival right now at the cheaper early registration fee. To learn more, go to the Creative Ink Festival website. We look forward to seeing you there!

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