Paying Gig: Creating a Fantasy Poster

Here’s a fun paying gig that’s come up. Someone wants to commission an unusual Christmas present for her daughter. The mother will pay an artist to create a princess/Dungeons & Dragons-themed poster. The final image needs to be in colour and be printed out to put in a frame that has a picture opening 28 inches high and 19 inches wide (at least 2-3 inches on top of that for border). The main focus of the image would be a princess with a sword and shield, and beside her a duck. Behind the princess would be various fantasy monsters and characters – a troll under a bridge, an ogre with a pizza oven, a dragon with her baby, a roc with an egg, a tiny fairy, some elves, a wizard, stuff like that. For more details, contact Kelly S. Boyd at She is offering $200 for the project.

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