The 2015-2016 Top Cow Talent Hunt is Live! 2

Breaking into comics can be very difficult. For the last four years, Top Cow (creator of Witchblade and The Darkness) has run a Talent Hunt as an opportunity for artists and writers who have not yet been published by a large company to potentially showcase their stuff in a mainstream comic. A writer will submit a script for for a Top Cow one-shot (this year, the story must be set in the Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce universe), and an artist will draw any 8 sequential pages from 4 sample scripts provided. Top Cow will choose 2 winning writers, 2 winning artists, and 2 runner-ups in each category. The winners will be paid to have their stories appear their own one-shot comic while the runner-ups will get paid to create backup stories. The winners of all the previous Talent Hunts have already been published by Top Cow in various issues.

Though Top Cow’s Talent Hunt has been running for a few years already, this year there’s a big change. The first deadline is January 15th. If you submit by then, you’ll actually receive a paragraph of feedback from Top Cow by February 15th. Then you’ll have three months to adjust your work based on that feedback – with the final deadline being May 15th. You can find more on the Top Cow website at 2015-2016 Talent Hunt is LIVE.

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