Cloudscape Artist Teaches Comics at Bonsor Recreation Complex

Another series of comics classes running next week are Mara Coman‘s classes for various ages at Bonsor Recreation Complex.

Drawing and Comics @ Bonsor Recreation (6-8 years)
Join Cloudscape artist Mara Coman as she teachers children how to draw people as well as existing characters from comics and animated movies. They create short comics of their own and engage in activities that promote drawing as a fun and social activity.
$27.90, 3 sessions

Comic Making @ Bonsor Recreation (9-12 years)
11:15am – 12:45pm
Mara will help students learn how to draw existing characters and then show how to develop a personal style of drawing. The students learn to tell stories in a comic format and develop some advanced drawing techniques in this fun class that promotes creative thinking and learning.
$33.50, 3 sessions

Illustrations & Comics @ Bonsor Recreation (13+ years)
1:15pm – 3:15pm
Mara offers classes that cover basic and advanced drawing techniques while encouraging students to explore the areas they are having trouble with. We get into the details of creating a story for comics and cover the process of how to create your own comic from start to finish. Please bring your sketchbook if you have one.
$44.70, 3 sessions

Bonsor Recreation Complex
6550 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby
V5H 2G8

All three of these classes are a total of three sessions: Monday (July 6), Wednesday (July 8), and Friday (July 10). You can register in person or online at the Burnaby website.

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