Cloudscape's "Mega Fauna" Launch Party on VanCAF Weekend!

mega faunaOn Friday, May 22, join us for a pre-VanCAF social event. We will be launching Mega Fauna, our animal-themed 8th graphic novel anthology, and will also be launching several other books by VanCAF exhibitors. This is an amazing chance to meet the artists before the grand convention and pick up new books early! Food and drink (of a soft variety) will be available.

Time: 6:00-10:00, May 22
Location: Cloudscape HQ, top floor of South Memorial Park’s fieldhouse at 5955 Ross Street, Vancouver (Ross + 43rd, located inside the park).

Mega Fauna is a full-colour anthology of awesome comics written and drawn by both veterans and rising stars of the collective, including Sfé R. Monster, Nina Matsumoto, Angela Melick, Edison Yan, Ian Boothby, Colin Upton, Alina Pete, Kathleen Jacques, Jonathon Dalton, and many more. It features 25 stories, over 200 pages of comics, which chronicle the wide variety of interactions between humans and animals: a girl discovers a pet engineered to give her confidence, a woman hunts a unicorn, a praying mantis needs help on his blind date, two kids steal a monster’s head (and have to give it back), a troll suffers serious goat-related problems, the true origin of the Japanese beckoning cat, and many more.

For more information, visit the Mega Fauna Book Launch Facebook event.

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