Call for Submissions: "Mega Fauna" Creature Cards!

Mega FaunaAs with previous Cloudscape anthologies Giants of Main Street and Waterlogged, our next book will feature a gallery of creatures in addition to the comic stories. Mega Fauna’s gallery will be creature trading cards, reminiscent of Pokemon and educational zoological cards. Your creature must be one invented by you so no dragons or unicorns unless they’re a new breed (such as a dreamdance dragon or a candy-corn unicorn). It should also be a creature that someone might use as a pet, even though it may be a dangerous or expensive pet (such as a hundred-foot tall creature that eats cars). Remember that Mega Fauna is an all-ages book so your submission should be rated PG or below.

Submitting Your Creature

Deadline is April 1st. Send all submissions to Jeff at [email protected] Anyone who lives in or has lived in BC is free to submit.

Creature Information

Each submission must include the following:

1. An image of the animal, in an action pose! As the cards will be 2 inches 7/16ths wide and 3 inches 7/16ths tall (the exact dimensions of a Pokemon card), your image should be compatible with these dimensions. Images need to be 300dpi, CMYK in order to be considered. We will send out a template to help you but you can start work early if you’re confident you can work within these dimensions.

2. The name of the creature.

3. The creature’s “scientific name” in fake Latin (like you see in “Roadrunner” cartoons).

4. Three stats to be put on a bar graph. Though the stats will appear as if they could be used to compare different creatures, feel free to include whatever stats you want. They can be anything from the traditional “Strength” or “Intelligence” to more unusual traits such as “Magical Talent,” “Lightening Power,” “Annoyance,” or “Shyness.” Each Stat should be rated will have a number value between 0 and 11 with 0 being “nonexistent,” 4 being “average human” (unless it’s something like “Lightening Power,” where 0 would be average), and 11 being “off the chart.”

5. Size (length or height). Metric units, please!

6. Place of origin. Must be somewhere on Earth, though could be a made-up location there (such as a hidden valley in the Andes). The place could be as wide as “the Pacific Ocean” or as narrow as “under a rock at the corner of Main and Hastings in Vancouver.”

7. Care and Feeding instructions. This is the field with the most space to write about your creature. Keep it under 200 characters, though.

8. A fun “did you know” random fact about your creature.



1. X


3. Gobelis Hoseria

4. Sneakiness: 7
Stink: 11
Manners: 2

5. 20 cm long

6. Under Kevin’s bed.

7. Sockbiters live by eating the heels and toes of Kevin’s socks. They prefer a warm, moist environment and fear sunlight. Also, they smell.

8. Kevin hasn’t cleaned his room in three years. Clean your room, Kevin!


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