Endure 4 Kindness

Endure 4 Kindness

Endure 4 Kindness is a global endurance charity event put on by Random Acts. On November 2-3, participants all over the world will be engaging in an intense activity over a 24-hour period. Each E4K participant will choose their own activity and then invite their friends, family, and members of their local community to pledge money that will be used to fund numerous acts of kindness. Last year hundreds of people all over the world came together for the first ever Random Acts endurance event and this year hundreds more will be participating, including Cloudscape! Various Cloudscape members will be creating a 24-hour comic at Cloudscape HQ for E4K. If you want to participate in the event, then contact Kate Ebensteiner at [email protected] and if you wish to donate, visit the Endure 4 Kindness Cloudscape page.


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