MEGA FAUNA – Submission call for Cloudscape's 8th book!

MegafaunaIt’s time to prepare for Cloudscape’s next graphic novel anthology – MEGA FAUNA!

Cloudscape Comics is looking for short comics that will be accessible to all ages (approximately 11 years and up). If in doubt what “all ages” means, think Calvin & Hobbes, Bone, Harry Potter, Pixar, etc. Your story can be any genre, such as science fiction, adventure, or comedy. We are looking for intelligent stories with believable characters and intriguing situations; at Cloudscape, story is king.

Your story must feature a person (or people) interacting with a creature (or creatures) of some sort. This creature could be domesticated or wild, real, mythical, or imagined, modern or prehistoric, friend or foe. Whatever it is, we want to see its interaction with a person. This is what will tie our book together.

Stories can be from 3-9, odd-numbered page counts only (so 3, 5, 7, or 9 pages long). A title page will be featured on the right side of the spread before each story in the book so your story will start on the following left hand side. There is a limit of two submissions per contributor.

The book will be 9″ tall by 6″ wide and will be printed in glorious full colour!

What we want in your submission:

  • A short, written story pitch (2-3 sentences).
  • A typed script that includes all the dialogue and narrative text that will appear on the story’s pages. You may also include thumbnails. Please note that thumbnails without a script will not be accepted nor will a pitch or summary without a script. We want to be able to read your whole comic and envision what it will look like when it’s finished.
  • Sequential art samples (attached images or web links) – that means pages of comics you have done in the past. We want to see how you comic, not just how you draw.
  • A short, written bio of yourself (100 words max).
  • Your contact info (email and phone number).

Please don’t send us a finished comic, because then our editors will have nothing to do and they will feel sad.

Who can submit?
To be eligible for inclusion, you must have lived in British Columbia at some time in your life. Or, if you are part of a writer/artist team, at least one person on your team must be a British Columbian. If you are a solo artist or writer who desires a partner for your story and does not already have one, please contact us before the deadline with either a script, a script in progress, or samples of comics art. We will try our best to connect you with someone. We can’t guarantee anything but we have successfully matched-up teams in the past so it’s worth a shot.

The deadline
The script submission deadline is DECEMBER 10th. Write that down. Right now the anticipated final art deadline is in April and the drop date will be June or July but those things are always subject to change.

If you have any questions, please contact Jonathon at

And your submission, when it’s ready, can be sent to Jeff at

Thank you and happy comicking!

From the MEGA FAUNA editors:
Jeff Ellis, Shannon Campbell, Jonathon Dalton, Kathleen Jacques, Bevan Thomas, and Christine Vivier!

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