Pitching Pro: A Comic Book Artist’s workshop with Pia Guerra

If you’re looking to submit work as an artist to comic book companies, including the Big Four and independents, this workshop will help you get your portfolio presentation ready.


Using tips collected from industry professionals and examples of common mistakes new artists make when approaching editors, participants will learn how to effectively show samples, communicate with contacts made and stay employed after landing assignments.


Those attending the workshop are welcome to bring their work and while there may not be time to review everyone’s pages, it is hoped a few portfolios can be critiqued in class.


2pm to 4pm Sunday Dec 4th at Project Space 222 E Georgia St, Vancouver.


The class is $25 and limited to twenty students. Please contact Pia at hellkitty3@hotmail.com to book your spot.

Pia Guerra is a Harvey, Spike, Shuster and Eisner Award winning artist with 20 years experience working in comics.  Her work can be seen in the critically acclaimed series Y – The Last Man published by Vertigo/DC as well as other books published by Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW and Titan in the UK.

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