30 Days – Day 9-17 by Kevin Wilson

The Thirty Days Project is a practical way to fight Option Paralysis.

Creative people often have the luxury of being able to do anything but just as often end up doing nothing. Thirty Days Project is thirty deadlines; finish a piece of creative work by then end of each day. Visit their website to see more work from a diversity of artists and creators!

Day 9-17 by Kevin Wilson

You can find my giant robot comic at http://titanzer.com, my tumblr at http://kevinw.tumblr.com, and my portfolio at http://thekevinwilson.com

Day 9:

Day: 9 out of 30
Robot: Beartabot
Pilot: Beartato from Nedroid

Beartato’s so fun I made up a robot for him to parallel park in. Nedroid is the hot dog’s bun, yes it is. Go read it up and feed your eyeballs.

Day 12:

Ugggh raiiiiinnnn

Day: 12 out of 30
Robots: VF-1 Valkyrie from Robotech/Macross

Day 13:

I don’t know much about Ideon so i made you this. Doing a Blingee on top of your own art is like getting to shoot your baby out of a cannon. Wonderful, and probably illegal soon.

Day: 13 out of 30
Robots: Space Runway Ideon

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