30 Days – Day 9-17 by Jeff Ellis

The Thirty Days Project is a practical way to fight Option Paralysis.

Creative people often have the luxury of being able to do anything but just as often end up doing nothing. Thirty Days Project is thirty deadlines; finish a piece of creative work by then end of each day. Visit their website to see more work from a diversity of artists and creators!

Day 9-17 by Jeff Ellis

I make a comic call Teach English in Japan. For the 30 Days Project I’m drawing 30 different famous Canuck’s players

Day 9:

Hang in there Canucks, Vancouver bounced back against New York in ‘94 you can do the same against Boston.

Day 10:

He wrapped up the series with Toronto in ‘94. Here’s hoping someone can achieve the same magic tonight.

Day 11:

He’s relatively new, but much like Raffi Torres, I’m gonna add him in for that game winner!

Day 12:

I am going to try and feature some more of the current roster, since these guys are the real stars right now.

Day 13:

Day 14:

One of my favorites from the ‘94 run. Tomorrow is the make or break. Regardless of the outcome I will see this through to 30.

Day 15:

Day 16:

I will continue to draw my Canucks despite recent events. Though I do have to say some of the “fans” of Vancouver sure are testing my resolve.

Day 17:

Day 17: Ed Jovanovski Posted at Calgary Expo. Expect a fancy version on Tues

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