30 Days Project: Day 1

A few members from Cloudscape have joined together to participate in the 30 Days Project. Every day there will be a post of all the different entries.

It’s not too late to join us! If you’d like to make some art for the 30 Days Project, please check out this post on how to join our team. The Cloudscape Comics Society is a non profit set up to support comic artists in Vancouver, B.C. If you fit that bill, feel free to join us for this challenge.

Without further adieu, here are today’s submissions!

Chloe Chan

I have avoided failure on the first day!
Chloe Chan checking in, and my challenge is to draw 30 pictures related to Two Keys, my webcomic.  Maybe I can actually get some concepts done and learn how to use Painter!

Reeta Linjama

* Hi, I’m Reetta, I’m an animator and I’m so not a stupid person

* I am taking part in the 30 Days challenge by drawing a KNIGHT, or knight-related illustration, every day this June. This is knight 1/30!

* My reason for doing this is pretty much just force myself to finish more stuff (I doodle a lot but rarely complete those doodles) and get into the habit of updating more often… Also to practise producing a lot of different illustration ideas and styles out of a single theme.

The theme was chosen partly on impulse and partly for a pun. This will be my “30 Days of Knights” (ba-dump-CHAHHH)

* I wasn’t at a scanner until well after midnight, sorry! Better late etc…)

More stuff:
website / sketchblog / deviantArt / Tumblr / Twitter

Sydney More

June 1st – a ‘Homo Erectus’ strip.

This is, admittedly, a comic that I normally due on a Wednesday night. Since my goal is a comic at day, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t use this one towards my first day of June.

So that’s my goal – a comic a day in June. Their lengths will vary- their content will probably be silly- but at the end of June I will have 30 new comics. Madness!


Anise Shaw

I’m going to be drawing 30 layouts this month. Scenes, environments, cities, and other great stuff that will most likely end up in my webcomic, Even in Arcadia.

Today was a sketch, which I’m a bit sad about. I wanted to start off with a bang, but with work, inking and Cloudscape tonight (all that director work), I only had time for a quick sketch.

Bevan Thomas

Challenge: To every day do a section at least 300 words long of “World that Was,” my story about Brigida Byzantium’s childhood in a locked room with only her brother for companionship. The story will be written as a dramatic monologue.

Why: It’s an idea I’ve always found intriguing, but haven’t gotten around to putting it to paper yet.

Brother, oh my bold, beautiful brother, are you there? I had that dream again, a dream of places beyond the world, things that dance before my eyes. Brother, please answer. Tell me you have not vanished, left me alone in this deadly dark world forever.

Yes, take my hand, remind me there is another in existence here, that it is not merely me, a solitary soul evilly entombed away from high Heaven.

Brother, how can I describe what it was? As I dreamed, I used my eyes, something we cannot do in our wicked waking. I never knew I dwelled in darkness until I… I believe the word is “saw.” Yes, that sounds right. I “saw the light.” It was vast, so very vast. Far wider than I could lie, so vast I could not see the edges. So much wider than the world, it took my bashful breath away. Was it really real or just some deceiving dream?

Brother, oh my brother, have you ever had these dreams? Have you ever used your eyes? Pretty please say that you have, oh my terrific twin.

You have seen it too? You do not lie? Yes, then it is as we so often suspected. This deadly darkness, these wicked walls, they are not everything. Our world is not everything, there is lovely light beyond, light that allows us to see and to stretch far, a place so much more than this wretched realm, this base box, in which we have lived our lives.

Soon we wrestle down the walls, break the box, shatter the sides, and free ourselves from this diabolic, dark world, and enter into the Heaven beyond. The Heaven where there is light, the Heaven that is vast. Soon, my beautiful brother, soon.

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