Welcome to Mina’s, Comics Anthology

An Anthology of Comics About Life, Love, and Food During 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner

With over 10k raised, Mina’s was successfully funded!

Welcome to Mina’s is all about exploring Vancouver and the people who live in it through the lens of a fictional diner: Mina’s. The book was created and edited by Cloudscape board member, Emily Lampson and features heartwarming stories of life, love, and food, all of which connects the stories characters when they enter Mina’s.  Some contributors have brought their own experiences to the book and others were inspired about moments throughout the history of Vancouver.  This book features ethnic diversity and represents all walks of life including individuals old and young, LGBTQ and people with disabilities throughout the history of the city we all love. 

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Welcome to Mina’s is Live on Kickstarter!

Cloudscape’s latest anthology revolves around a fictional diner, Mina’s, set in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The book was created and edited by Cloudscape board member, Emily Lampson, and features stories by 21 artists and writers. Welcome to Mina’s is a 135 page book filled with wonderful black and ...