Harriet Tubman: Toward Freedom

Harriet Tubman did something exceptionally courageous: She escaped slavery. Then she did something impossible: She went back. 

This riveting back-cover blurb sets the tone for Harriet Tubman: Toward Freedom. Whit Taylor and Kazimir Lee bring Harriet Tubman’s story to life, depicting her journey to rescue her brothers from slavery. The graphic novel takes care to illustrate the life and mind of Tubman with historical accuracy. The result is a fascinating picture of a woman who wanted to share her freedom with others, and who had the courage to do it.  

The comic focuses primarily on Tubman’s efforts to save her brothers, featuring backstory sprinkled throughout in the form of flashbacks and snippets of correspondence. Throughout the art, there is a muted colour palette that serves to ground the work. Carole Boston Weatherford writes the foreword, providing more context for the story. At the end of the graphic novel, there is additional historical information and author notes. Harriet Tubman is an amazing woman, and this peek into her life is educational and engaging.

Harriet Tubman: Toward Freedom is in print as of this writing. Check your local bookstore and ask if they can order a copy for you!