The TradeWaiters 86: “The Golden Age” Vol. 2 by Roxanne Moreil and Cyril Pedrosa

The TradeWaiters return with part two of The Golden Age by Roxanne Moreil and Cyril Pedrosa. Hannah Myers rejoins us after our long absence, and we check in on how Tilda is doing in her war to reclaim the throne of Antrevers. It turns out, she’s not doing great! Join us as we talk about what’s in the magic box, what’s in a revolution, and the importance of both good government and good panel composition.

Also mentioned in this episode:
Aeon Flux created by Peter Chung
Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
Tehura by Wei Li
Shot and Chaser by E.K. Weaver
Avengers of the New World by Laurent Dubois
and Circe by Madeline Miller

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Music by Sleuth

Our next episode will be on volumes one and two of Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma.

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