The Last Tide

The Last Tide is now available for purchase!

A Tale of Adventure at the Edge of the World

The Last Tide is the story of Solca Vis, a young woman who has been magically transported from the Phillippines to a barren island at the edge of Innworld. 

[Fisher] by class and a fisherwoman by trade, Solca Vis will discover the classes, levels, and magic that exist in the place where even [Stormcaptains] and the bravest of adventurers fear to sail.  She must brave monsters, pirates, and the literal edge of the world with the help of her new friends.

Set in Top-Patreon-Writer Pirateaba’s Innverse, The Last Tide is an accessible introduction to the GAMELIT phenomenon for those unfamiliar with it, while providing rich new content to the 100,000+ fans and regular readers of Pirateaba’s The Wandering Inn.

This story has a beautiful heart. It’s a worthy addition to the Innverse and a fantastic story.

~Andrew Rowe (author of the The War of Broken Mirrors series and the Arcane Ascension series)

An interesting blend of classical fantasy and a castaway scenario with good pacing and a likeable protagonist. The world and its elements are familiar, but often combined in unexpected ways. The story does a good job of evoking a sense of isolation and remoteness, hinting at the larger and grander world beyond the confines of the story itself without devaluing the daily struggles of the protagonist in the process.

~Nobody103 (author of Mother of Learning)

It’s fairly rare to find a work that gives me a sense of wonder, but The Last Tide managed to do that. There’s a dream-like quality to the art, and a serenity to the life that it depicts, with a calm island life married to the danger and magic of another world. It’s a story that’s not afraid to linger, to be calm and patient. Much like The Wandering Inn, it has a pleasantly gentle pacing to it, with a focus on the characters that makes it a pleasure to unfold.

~Alexander Wales (Author of Worth the Candle and host of Rationally Writing)

The Last Tide builds like a slow wave toward the mystery on its literal horizon—one that’s all the more satisfying for it. A creative and colorful read that’s refreshingly free of familiar fantasy clichés.

~Trevor Melanson (Author of the Terminal City Saga and Environmentalist)

Under the nice art and colourful pages lies a world six million words deep. Solca Vis, our protagonist, isn’t the only one fishing for knowledge. Under the tranquil pace and the shifting imagery is a treasure that is just waiting for you to dive for…. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing all of it.

~RavensDagger (Author of Cinnamon Bun and Stray Cat Strut)