giants of main street

Cloudscape in the News

Recently, Cloudscape has been attracting people’s attention, and has been featured in numerous forms of media.

On Wednesday, our founder Jeff Ellis was interviewed by Stephen Quinn on CBC’s The Early Edition radio show.

Furthermore, our latest book, Giants of Main Street, was discussed by Ryan Ingram on The Snipe, a Vancouver news blog that reports on movies, music, comics, and other pop culture.

Giants was also given a glowing review by Jason Wilkins at Broken Frontier, a comic book news site.

Oh, and in case you missed it before, here’s a video interview Alice Quinn did of Jeff Ellis at TCAF 2012 back in May:


"Giants of Main Street" Launch Party

You’re invited to the launch party of Giants of Main Street, the latest graphic novel anthology from Cloudscape Comics. Come and meet the hub of Vancouver’s indy graphic novel artists, including veteran underground cartoonist Colin Upton, VanCAF organizer Shannon Campbell, Xeric grant winners Jonathon Dalton and Steve LeCouilliard, and Toren Atkinson (vocalist and lyricist for horror-themed rock band Darkest of the Hillside Thickets).

When: Wednesday, August 1, from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Where: The Cultch, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, 1895 Venables, downtown.

Cost: Free! All are welcome to attend!

We’ll be selling signed copies of Giants of Main Street and our other books, and there’ll be a gallery showing of our members’ art.

We hope to see you all there!


Cloudscape Televised 24-Hour Fundraising Comic Jam

As the ultimate expression of our fundraiser for Giants of Main Street, we’re going to have a 24-hour comic jam at the home of our esteemed founder Jeff Ellis. The jam starts at 8:00 tonight and continues until 8:00 tomorrow.

Watch the cream of Vancouver comic artists draw, create, discuss, argue, and go slowly insane over a 24-hour period at 24-Hour Comic Jam.

Experience the madness!

Watch live video from cloudscapecomics on


Giants of Main Street

In answer to our request, many talented artists have together shown us many of the giants that wander Main Street.

[nggallery id=72]

Respectively, the artists are:

  • Cole Penton
  • Reetta Linjama
  • Christine Eberle
  • Mara-Dor Coman
  • Jeff Ellis
  • Oliver McTavish-Wisden

Thanks, guys!

Anyone who missed submitting this time around, we are calling for another round of giants. So send us your giant in an urban setting and we will post it next Wednesday!



Draw a Giant for Giants! 2

Greetings Cloudscape and other giants!

As part of this month’s mission in drawing attention to our upcoming Giants of Main Street anthology, we are initiating “Draw a Giant” week.

Draw a picture of a giant, any giant, and send it to me, the Cloudscape webmaster, at [email protected]. In keeping with the theme of our book, the giant must be in some sort of urban environment. Besides that restriction, let your imagination run wild. The deadline for submissions is the afternoon of Wednesday, April 11.

We will display all giants on our website and vote on the best one. What do you stand to gain? The adulation of your peers and the excitement of furthering the Cloudscape experience.

Don’t hesitate. Send us your giants today!


Fundraising for Giants

Giants of Main Street, Cloudscape’s sixth anthology, is almost ready to go to press, and so we are currently raising funds to pay for the book’s printing.  If you wish to help support our latest anthology, then you can do so by either by donating money directly to Cloudscape (handing it to Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, or Christine Vivier) or by purchasing books and art created by various Cloudscape members. Various Cloudscape creations can be bought from the Cloudscape Shop at Etsy as well as from Cloudscape’s IndieGoGo campaign. For discerning connoisseurs of independent comics, libraries of previous Cloudscape books and the contributors’ own artistic pursuits can also be purchased at Indigogo.

Do your part for the Giants cause!


Call for submissions- the Giants of Main Street Bestiary

For our upcoming “urban fantasy” comics anthology, Giants of Main Street, Cloudscape is looking to include a bestiary of fantastical urban creatures at the back of the book. This is a terrific opportunity for existing contributors and for other NEW artists to contribute to the book. We are looking for finished art, inspired by the examples below, but with your own unique twist on the concept. Think of it as a detailed drawing created in the field as part of a catalog of newly discovered creatures inhabiting a city in a fantasy world. Each creature should fit within 6.25 inches wide by 4.875 inches tall including ample space for text notes around the creature. It should be sans background and float on 100% white (If you need advice on how to get that pure digital white, just ask!). Submissions should be 300dpi greyscale.

Each creature should be accompanied by two to five point form notes or sentences about the creature’s physical attributes, lifestyle, or character. Keep these separate from the illustration because the editors will be reworking your words (and writing up the final copy) to give the bestiary a feeling of unity. Also include the approximate size of your creature because we are going to have a size comparison chart, like you see in dinosaur books or whatever. Don’t forget to name your creature.

Submissions can be sent to Jonathon at comm(at)cloudscapecomics(dot)com, as can any questions you may have.

As usual, we can only accept submissions from artists who have lived or currently live in British Columbia, or from existing Cloudscape members. The deadline for submissions is August 3rd.