Epic Canadiana Volume 2


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Epic Canadiana #2 features 17 stories (over 200 pages!) dedicated to exploring numerous flavours of superheroism within Canada. It features a truly diverse collection of heroes – some of them pastiches of classic 40s characters and others totally new.

There are arctic demigods and social activists, restless spirits and bison-riding vigilantes. Canada is a tapestry of great diversity, and we have striven to represent them in our anthology with heroes of various genders, ethnicities, and perspectives, including aboriginal and immigrant champions, a character coping with autism, a gay rights activist, a conflicted colonial soldier, and many more.

And carefully studying all of them is Department None, a hidden branch of the Canadian government dedicated to keeping track of all superhumans… and dealing with them if necessary.

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Jeff Ellis, Colin Upton, Edison Yan, Bevan Thomas, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Kate Ebensteiner, Kris Sayer, Jordan Stasuk, Julian Lawrence, Matthew Klippenstein, Eric Johnson, Ian Thomas, Jeri Weaver, Micah Iwaasa, Renka Singh, Shevon Singh, A.L. Onfroi, Craig Wilson, D.M. Higgins, Dino Caruso, George Athanasiou, Jason Wilkins, Jayleen Weaver, John Ward, Kyle Roberts, Liam Rodgers, Manoj Kumar A, Nelson de Rocha, Nevin Arnold, Stephany Lein, Tesni E, Xan Grey