Sarah’s Scribbles

Review by Matthew Nielsen

There are numerous creative, witty, relatable and funny webcomics (collectively titled Sarah’s Scribbles) made by the illustrator Sarah Andersen. You may have come across them online many times or maybe you’ve never heard of them, bu if you like at least some of the first couple of her comics you read, you’re going to enjoy many more.

Andersen’s short comics usually take up just one page and contrast how things may seem in the mind versus how they seem in reality. The comics often deal with social anxiety, coping with adulthood and responsibilities, various societal pressures, and reacting to how various other people talk, interact, or behave overall. I have had a great deal of enjoyment out of reading these comics. As many of my friends can relate much more to them than I, by reading these comics, I have been able to better understand the mindsets of some of my comrades. It seems that sometimes the best way to explain a problem is not through words but by sharing a link to one of Andersen’s insightful comics.

There are multiple books that collect these short stories in printed form, including Adulthood is a Myth, Big Mushy Lump, and Herding Cats. Opening a random page on any of these will most likely make for a quick morale boost any day.

You can find Sarah’s Scribbles online at

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